Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Guide

Who’s excited for Halloween? We are! The little ones can’t wait to wear their costumes and head out for some trick-or-treating, and I can’t wait to steal pieces of candy for my mom stash. ;) 

Before you get going, we wanted to remind and prepare you to stay safe while you enjoy your candy hunt. Halloween is a fun time but is also a time to be a little extra cautious while you are out enjoying a all the festivities.


1. Safe trick-or-treat time 

Every city or neighborhood has recommended trick-or-treat hours. This is typically before dark for little ones to safely trick-or-treat earlier in the evening. Times usually start around 5pm until 8pm. You can check with your local police department or city website for details on your area.

2. No masks at night 

You want to make sure you can recognize your little ones easily in a crowd especially if there are multiple matching costumes. This also allows other parents around to recognize your child as well. You wouldn’t want someone to accidentally mistaken your child for theirs and try to take them with them. That can be a horrible mistake. This rule also is helpful for adults. In the event of an emergency you want to be able to recognize someone’s face so refrain from mask wearing especially in the dark.

3. Go to door with kids  

Never send your little one to someone’s door alone! Always walk up with them. You want to be sure people know an adult is with your child. Unfortunately not everyone has nice safe intentions so make your presence known.

4. Do not go inside stranger homes 

Teach your little ones they should not enter anyone’s home no matter what.  If the candy is inside, tell your children to let them know that they will gladly wait for their candy outside.

People tend to make there homes into haunted houses. Although this may be tempting refrain from entering and allowing your kids to as well. People with bad intentions can be very convincing remember they are still a stranger.

5. Choose new trick or treat options  

There are more options to trick-or-treating then going door to door these days.


This Can usually be found at schools, daycares, churches, or local community centers. It is where parents sign up to come set up the trunk of their vehicle in one open parking lot to pass out treats in the facilities parking lot. This is a great alternative as they are controlled envisions and usually monitored by security.

-mall trick-or-treat  

Check with your local mall to see if they have trick-or-treat hours. This is really cool for parents as many stores hand out coupons and gift cards along with treats for the kids.

6.Adult must be present 

Kids should not trick-or-treat alone. There should always be a responsible adult present. Although teen siblings can be responsible I suggest not using them to monitor trick or treating as they can be distracted by friends easily.

7. Road safety 

When walking the streets same rules apply as any other day.  

  • Walk on sidewalk.

  • Look before crossing street.

  • Stop for cars.

  • Hold hands when crossing.

  • Carry flashlight or wear reflective clothing when dark.

If you’re out driving be mindful of children and drive at a safe speed. In residential areas you should keep your speed under or around 10mph.

8.  Check all treats 

CHECK EVERYTHING! Do not allow your kids to eat a single piece of candy until you personally check them first. Do not allow your kids to accept anything that may of been home made, tampered with, or looks questionable.

Again, Halloween is a time for fun, but this can easily turn into a parents worse nightmare. Did you know Halloween is one of the busiest nights in the emergency room at hospitals.  

 Download your FREE Hallowen Safety Worksheet by clicking below. Teach your kids all these rules in a fun way.  



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