New Mom Irritation: Family Overstepping Their Boundaries

New mom stress

Being a new mom is already stressful enough, especially if you are new to motherhood entirely. One thing that grinds my gears that I witness more than I would like is new mothers complaining about boundary stepping from extended family. Family members such as grandmothers, aunts, cousins, etc. Boundaries such as doing things the mother explains to them NOT TO DO.

So I am here to tell your family members that NEW MOMS ARE SICK OF IT! Sick of you overstepping your boundaries, sick of you making comments, SICK OF YOU thinking that just because you have children of your own, you know what’s best for THEIR CHILD.

If a mom tells you not to feed her baby rice cereal in a bottle, guess what? DON’T FEED THE BABY A RICE CEREAL BOTTLE.

If a mom tells you not to give her baby table food, guess what? DON’T GIVE THE BABY TABLE FOOD.

If a mom says my baby needs two naps a day, guess what? GIVE THAT BABY TWO NAPS!

If a mom says not to kiss her baby on the face, guess what? DON’T KISS THE BABY ON THE FACE!

New moms DO NOT CARE that you did it to your children and they turned out fine. THEY DON’T CARE. Respect their wishes.

Nothing is worse than sending your child to someone who won’t respect your wishes especially when they either A. Make it clear that they won’t, or B. Try to sneak and do it anyways.


I have witnessed situations where family members have given a breastfed baby formula because they felt as though breastmilk wasn’t fulfilling. Cases when a family member started feeding a 3-month-old table food, because “he looked hungry.” Where family members are just dragging and nitpicking everything, the mother does from the way she feeds, clothes, or care for HER baby.

People lose sight of who the baby belongs to; they lose sight because they think new moms know nothing or are inexperienced.

Most new moms I know do a TON of research and are a lot smarter than you think. Thanks to the world wide web new moms have access to a lot of pieces of information our older generation did not have when having kids which resulted in learning old tales and FALSE ways on how to care for babies.

It takes less than 10 seconds to agree to respect a new moms wishes. Like I said before, being a new mom is already stressful enough with all the adjustments. Be the new mom's peace, not her added on stress when caring for her baby.

It is as easy as refraining from doing the things THE MOTHER OF THE BABY says not to do, even when you think it’s harmless.



Every already stressed new mom  everywhere.

Has someone overstepped their boundaries with your baby/children? How did you handle the situation? Let us know below.

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