How to keep your kids busy over holiday break + free printables

Can you believe the holidays are here already? This year has gone by so quickly it seems. Every school year as holiday break approaches, I try to think of things to keep my little one entertained. I like for him to a variety of activities both fun and educational to keep his mind sharp during the break. This is essential in his development as having a child with special needs they tend to regress during large gaps and the break of routine. Even for children whom may not have needs can also regress for the same reasons. 



Reading regularly for both children and adults help to boost brain power. Reading can help with increasing memory function, and help give the brain a much needed workout. Imagine reading as taking your brain for a walk. Reading also helps with speech, and communication. 

Keep Routine  

If you have a child with needs you know that routine is everything for our special little ones. My son can not go more then 3 days being out of routine or he begins to have anxiety. So to keep him on track we are sure to follow his same wake up and bed time routines. Throughout the day since he isn’t in school I try to mimick his school lunch time and keep him busy during the day with activities. Even children without needs can benefit grately from a routine so if you do not have one todayvis great day to start. 


My son loves doing puzzles and I love that he loves them. Puzzles are great,not only to keep him busy while I tend to my infant or things around the house, but they help with motor skills, brain development, and keeps him calm.  


Worksheets are my go to activity. My son gets to learn, be creative, and stay productively busy.  




Watch Holiday Themed Movies 

 I love Christmas movies check out these Christmas Movies to Watch with stout Kids (link) 


Free activities around town 

During the holiday's many libraries, stores, parks, and community centers offer free or inexpensive activities for children. Check your local community resources to see what’s available near you. 

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt  

This is a Christmas favorite of mine. Every year when I was younger my grandmother would take me and my sister around town to see everyone’s Christmas decor for their homes. We would try to find homes that had certain items like a house with a Santa or reindeer. Make a list of items you want to find on your scavenger hunt get in the car and head out on your search. 


Happy Holiday! 



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