Best Convertible Car Seats from New Born to 10 yrs old

As your little one grows we tend to buy a million gadgets and accessories to fit their needs. One thing we know our little ones will need for quite some time is a reliable car seat.


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Best Convertible Car Seats from New Born to 10 yrs old

Why purchase a convertible car seat?

Traditionally you will purchase up to three car seats for your little one. Yes three! that can be very expensive. Choosing to purchase a convertible car seat will help save money in the long run. Convertible seats can transition from infancy until your little one is 10 years old fitting in a booster seat. Trust me, the days of having to purchase a new car seat every time your little on outgrows theirs is coming to an end with these convertible car seats.

Graco 4Ever All-In-One

  • You can get up to 10 years of use

  • Goes from infant rear facing to booster seat

  • Can hold a child from 4-120lbs

    BUY HERE: Target $299.99

    BUY HERE: Amazon $279.99

I’m sure you’ve seen this seat in store, online, or even another mom you know has one. This is the most popular of the options as it is pretty affordable and Graco is a trusted brand In longevity and style amongst parents.

Safety First Grow and Go 3-in-1

  • Can hold a child up to 5-100lbs

  • Grows with baby from newborn to early childhood

  • LATCH compatible

  • Easy harness adjustment

BUY HERE: Target $169.99

BUYHERE: Amazon $139.99

This car seat is the most cost effective of the options. The features are very similar to the other seats the difference is in the material it is made from however it is washing machine safe. This is a great value for a money saving momma!


Graco Extend2fit All-in-one


  • 5 inches of extra leg room

  • Holds child from 4-65lbs

  • 6 position recline

  • Fuss free harness storage

    BUY HERE: Target $229.99

    BUY HERE Amazon $223.85

The best feature of this car seat that gives it a leg above the others is the extended leg room. This is great to be able to keep those little ones rear facing the maximum time.

Maxi Cosi Magellan

  • Holds child 5-120lbs

  • 10 year use

  • 7 position recline

  • all weather safe material

BUY HERE: Amazon $349.99

The pricier of the options, the Maxi Cosi is sleekly designed and less bulky then the others. It is also designed for a quicker set up and a more convenient system on getting your little one in and out.

Of course everything has a con or two, the two cons I do find in buying a convertible car seat is the bulky-ness of some models and them fitting in your vehicle and not having a car seat to easily fit into a stroller while your little one is an infant. If you know you will be using a stroller often during infancy I suggest purchasing an inexpensive stroller system that has either a bassinet or infant seat. Hopefully soon they will make convertible seats compatible with strollers.

Ok, I think I want to purchase close the deal! 

The best thing about having a car seat that will last throughout your littles ones car seat lifetime is all the money you will save over the years. With my oldest I purchased 3 car seats. An infant seat, toddler front facing seat, and a booster seat. I probably spent roughly $500- $700 Vs spending less then $400. That’s roughly $300 i could of spent on the many other items he needed like a highchair or toddler bed.

Whatever option you decide make sure to always check for car seat recalls and follow all car seat instructions when installing.

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