5 Best Infant Pacifiers for Dental Health

Pacifiers have been around for quite some time. They are meant to help soothe a baby and even help those teething to soothe their gums. Pacifiers can really be a saving grace for many parents when having a fussy baby, a premature baby needed to gain strength in their jaw muscles to eat, reducing the risk of SIDS, as well as help with weaning. However, many never find out about the side effects of using a improper pacifier, improper pacifier care, or prolonged use of one until their little one is well into their toddler ages.

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Long term use of a pacifier can cause many dental health issues such as crooked teeth, under or over bite, Protruding teeth, or even changes the structure of a babies mouth. Remember your babies mouth still takes time to form after birth until they are about 2 years old.

Pacifier Care

We never really hear much about how to care for your little ones pacifier hey just give you one at the hospital (if you choose to accept it) and send you on your way. Pacifiers although beneficial can cause harm when not used or cared for properly

  • Never submerge pacifier in water

  • Rinse with clean water and you may use a mild anti bacterial soap

  • Never dip pacifier in sweets such as honey as this can cause cavities

  • DO NOT clean pacifier with your mouth or place in your mouth

  • You may use your breast milk to clean a pacifier (Neat right!)

  • Throw out pacifier if it is worn or torn

  • Change pacifier out every 2 months or so

When To Wean

Typically, pediatricians recommend weaning from the pacifier by age two, however I highly recommend to begin weaning shortly after your little one has teeth coming in. I say this because once teeth come in your little ones mouth really begins to take form to any habits. This includes finger sucking and bottle use. I know weaning can be tough, I’m not saying take it away immediately after the first tooth but try to find ways to reduce excessive use as their teeth begin to come in.

There are five great pacifiers I have found that are great for little ones from infancy to two years of age.

Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

  • 1 piece construction

  • best for newborns and helping premature babies with jaw muscle development

  • comes in preemie size

  • Most babies adapt well to this pacifier including those strictly breastfed

Buy Here: Amazon 2 pack USD $4.49

Buy Here: Target 2 pack USD $3.49

Tomme Tippee Closer to Nature


  • Orthodontic nipple designed to help oral development

  • Glows in the dark for easy find at night

  • Designed for baby acceptance

  • BPA FREE and Phthalate FREE

Buy Here: Amazon 2 pack USD $5.99

Buy Here: Target 2 pack USD $5.99

MAM Sensitive Skin Air Orthodontic Pacifier


  • Anti-slip surface to keep in babies mouth longer

  • Small and light weight for tiny/premature babies

  • Skin like nipple designed for baby acceptance

  • Designed to promote oral care

  • Open Air handle allow baby skin to stay dry and keep air flow to skin

Buy Here: Amazon 2 Pack USD $5.99

Buy Here: Target 2 Pack USD $5.19

Munchkin Latch Orthodontic Pacifier

  • Thinner nipple to put less pressure on babies gums

  • BPA Free

  • Shield design to not hurt baby nose

    Buy Here: Amazon 2 pack USD $7.33

    Buy Here: Target 2 pack USD $4.49

Chicco NaturalFit

  • Supports Oral Development

  • Breast-like nipple to adapt to babies mouth

  • Silicone made

  • Grooves to support tongue position

    Buy Here: Amazon 2 pack USD $5.99

    Buy Here: Target 2 pack USD $5.99

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