Parents Tell The Best Advice They Plan to Pass Down to Their Kids

When I became a mom, I’m not going to lie I thought of all the advice my mom told me that made absolutely no sense when I was younger, until someone else was calling me mommy. Many of these things I plan to pass along to my children but I was interested in seeing what other parents planned to pass along to their child(ren). So here it is real advice from real modern moms.

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“Know your worth and stand firm on your beliefs. Compromise, but not to where it messes with your happiness.” - Y. Lowe Co-owner and Co-Founder of

“You have to first be accepting of differences in order to understand them. Meaning you can’t just cast someone out only because they do not look like you or have never had the experiences you have. Learn about them, accept that they’re different from you, then you should decide if that is someone you want in your life or not.” -A. Royal

Once we are adults we all can agree we often times think of the advice our parents and parent figures gave us, typically, when its a little late. Its not until we go through our own life experiences that this advice becomes relevant. I often think what if I would of just listened to the advice before making certain decisions as a teen and young adult.

“Don’t have kids until your bag (money) is secure!” - V.King

“The one bit of advice I want to pass along to my children is to not make decisions based on fear: Try new things and be open to opportunities because you never know how much those experiences will enhance your life, or what you'll learn from them.”

A. Anderson Owner Abrazo and Coze 

Now as a mom I wish probably exactly what my mother wished for me as a kid. That my kids simply just take my advice. However, I am not naïve to the fact that more then likely they wont until it’s a bit to late and they already made their own decisions, and that’s ok. It’s ok because one day they will have time to reflect like I am and think to their selves “I should of just listened to mom!”

“ I want my daughter to be strong minded, optimistic, and respectable. Never let your outer reality, control your inner reality. I want her to know she should be treated with respect at all time. She can talk to me about anything. She will always have a voice…Know that there is a solution for every problem…”

L. McNeal

“I have so many hopes for my son, I could preach to him everyday and I still wouldn't have enough time to teach him everything. If nothing else, I hope he grows into a man who treats others the way he wants to be treated, who laughs everyday, loves without limits and lives fearlessly.”

L. Floyd Owner and founder of

I also hope that the adults in my kids lives will share some sound advice to them as well. I remember my God Mother ( whom is now deceased) once told me “Just do what you want to do you’ll learn later”- M. Knight At the time I thought FINALLY someone who gets me. As an adult I now understand exactly what she meant. She was telling my young hard headed self that its ok to do everything I wanted to do at the time but I will sure learn that all my decisions will have consequences I’ll have to endure. Then leading to me learning from them and realizing whatever I was trying to do wasn't even worth the try.

“…Monetize your hobbies. Save before you spend….Walk away from anything and everyone that is toxic to your peace.”

V. King 

“Make your education a priority.”

T. House

Advice by my definition is a verbal gift of knowledge given to the ones you love. What will you pass down to your children? What was the best advice you have been given?

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