How To Get Your Newborn To Sleep Through The Night In The First Week

How to get your newborn to sleep through the night.

The first thing people mention, shortly after “congrats,” to you when you tell them you are expecting is “enjoy sleep while you can” or “enjoy your freedom while you still have it.” You know all the “negative” stuff that comes with having a baby.

However, there is some truth behind those statements.

Babies come with A LOT of “negative” things like being sleep deprived, exhausted, frustrated, complications when trying to do a simple task like showering or going to the store. Etc. Etc.

The BIGGEST thing I see new moms complain about is how tired they are. Seeking help on how to get their newborn baby sleeping through the night. Well, I am here to help!………Sort of


Most babies don’t sleep through the night. ESPECIALLY in the first three months of life, let alone the first few weeks. It’s the reality. They wake up from noises, reflexes and the BIG ONE, hunger.

A newborn baby usually eats every 2-3 hours, even in the night.

So no, nothing is wrong with your baby, at all. That’s super awesome to hear about your cousin Jessica’s baby that was sleeping through the night the moment he exited the birth canal. Or Tamika’s daughter that sleep six-hour stretches from the moment she turned a month and a half.

Stop comparing your child’s sleep to the next. Even if they are siblings, EVERY baby sleeps their OWN WAY on their OWN TIME.


Take a moment and enjoy them being so small because this time sure does go by fast. Everything about your baby becomes a distant memory.

You’ll look back and joke to your partner about how much sleep you didn’t get in the earlier months. How you were a walking zombie with designer bags under your eyes.


Create a bedtime routine.

A bedtime routine will help a baby establish better sleeping habits. Methods can consist of:

  • Setting a bedtime.

  • Preparing the baby for bed with activities such as a bath or reading a book, rocking them in a quiet room with their noise machine in the background, anything to indicate that sleep is next to follow.

A bedtime routine creates better sleeping habits and eventually better sleepers. It is never to early to start a bedtime routine. However, don’t expect that your baby will automatically become a better sleeper because you established a routine. It still takes time.


If you are THAT TIRED, which I am sure you are, ask for help. Ask for help from your partner, parents, siblings, cousins, best friend, WHOEVER. Express to them that you need some sleep, uninterrupted sleep and you will sincerely appreciate their help.

I am sure someone will come to your rescue (and it damn sure better be your partner first!)

Allowing people to take over your motherly responsibilities so you can take a much-needed nap a few times a week is okay. It doesn’t make you incapable of motherhood; it just proves that you realized how important sleep and energy is to be the BEST mother you can be.

Considering that babies require so much of your time, and energy alone.


There are no magic potions, foods or essential oil that will help your baby sleep through the night. There are plenty of reasons why your baby isn’t a good sleeper (whatever that means). Maybe she isn’t comfortable. Maybe she’s cold. Have you tried swaddling? Maybe your snores in the night woke her. The possibilities are endless.

However, stop believing the hype or myths that some moms think to work ESPECIALLY when it comes to your newborn baby. It is not uncommon for them to not sleep through the night. It is normal for them to wake up every 2-3 hours in the first few weeks of life. You are not alone or the only one.

How to get a baby to sleep through the night.

I know, I didn’t really “help” you to get your newborn to sleep through the night with this post. However, I hope I helped you realize that MOST BABIES DON’T SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. It’s normal. Don’t be too hard on yourself and no there is nothing wrong with your baby.

If you are reading this and your newborn sleeps or slept through the night , CONGRATS! You are lucky and I suggest you play their birthday numbers in the next lotto.

Hopefully, you take advantage of step three and mother-to-mother I feel your pain and trust me this time shall pass. Every baby sleeps differently and on their own. Establish a good sleep routine early on and you will begin to see a change in their sleep pattern as the weeks go by.

If you agree comment below so other new moms out there can see that it is perfectly normal to NOT get any sleep in the first few months of motherhood.

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