AUsome gifts for Children with Autism


Gift buying for a child with special needs can be a bit challenging. The one thing you want to keep in mind is to shop for the child’s abilities versus the child’s chronological age.

What does this mean exactly?

Most children with autism are delayed in abilities. Meaning an autistic child of the chronological age of 6 years old may function more like a child that is chronologically three years old. So when you are looking for gifts for a special needs child keep their level of abilities in mind.

You also want to consider what things may not be great gifts for a child with needs. Toys that have a lot of lights and sounds may not be a good gift for a child with a sensory problem or a toy that moves quickly may be inappropriate for a child on the spectrum. 

What to do if I’m not sure?

If you are shopping for a child that is not yours and you are unsure if the gift you want to purchase is ok or not, just ask. Parents with special needs children will have no problem answering questions and guiding you to the perfect gift for their little ones. Plus it will save them from presenting an incorrect gift that may be a problem for their child. 

What type of toys should I look for?

Toys for children with autism may vary. Remember they are children just like any other child so they love a lot of the same toys a typical child would love such as dolls and trucks. You also want to look for toys that have “sensory” on them. These toys are usually built with children with needs in mind. You also want to look for gifts that may be soothing.

Soothing items are great for kids with autism as they often may become frustrated or struggle with anxiety.

You may also want to look for gifts that help with social development. Social skills are typically the biggest hurdle to cross for children with autism. Simple board games are great to help increase social development.

Gift Options 



Sensory Fidget Kit

Little ones who may need help with concentration or help with remaining calm under stress do very well with fidget items as they allow them to gain focus and calm them in frustrating or anxious situations.


Stack and Stay Blocks

The textured blocks are great for children who have sensory problems. These blocks can help develop motor skills by stacking and ordering.


Magz-Bricks Magnetic Building Set

Unleash your little one’s creative juices as they build shapes and structures.

Transformer Sensory Sack

Perfect for children with sensory processing disorder.


Calming LED Projector Night Light

Soothing sensory items are great to help children with needs relax as many children with needs deal with anxiety and frustration.


Photo Action Flash Cards

Children in general typically do great with flashcards as they help with memory and comprehension of words.


Color Changing Mats

Great for occupational therapy and children with ADHD


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