Breastfeeding With Nipple Piercings

Breastfeeding with nipple piercings


Can I breastfeed if I had my nipples pierced but now they're closed? YES! Can I breastfeed with nipple piercings and keep them? YES! Breastfeeding with nipple piercings is doable with the right steps and proper care!

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Things to make sure of:

  • Your piercings are fully healed. (Months to a year(s) has passed since being pierced)

  • Your nipples are pierced correctly. It is true that the piercings could have damaged some milk ducts. However, nine times out of ten you should be okay to breastfeed.

My Experience

(DISCLOSURE: I am NOT a piercing professional, I am writing this based on others and my own opinion/experience)

When I found out I was pregnant with my second son in April 2017 one of the many questions I had this time around was; can I breastfeed with nipple piercings? Can I keep them while breastfeeding?  I wasn't sure if I had to take them out so I could make sure they were closed and healed before I delivered. I was unsure if I could successfully breastfeed with nipple piercings and keep them. 

I later found out that I could, and it was the best news ever.  My milk came in soon as I delivered my precious baby boy.  He latched instantly and fed from me with no problem. Later down the line, I learned to keep the piercings came with A LOT of pros and cons. More cons than pros sadly to say.


  • I was able to keep my piercings and successfully feed my baby.

  • My ducts were not damaged.


  • Having to take the ring in and out after every feeding. I DO NOT suggest feeding your baby with your ring in because it would be super uncomfortable for you both AND it’s a choking hazard.

  • Your piercing can begin to close if you leave the ring out for too many hours.

  • Your ring can be uncomfortable when inserting (make sure you use vaseline EVERY time and carry some with you; purse, diaper bag, etc.) Also, make sure your hands are clean, along with your rings before inserting.


BUY A PIERCING TAPER. There may be days when you forget to put your ring in due to a various amount of reasons. A taper will help you insert your ring and or keep your holes stretched to your original ring size. If you are having trouble inserting your ring. DO NOT FORCE IT. Use your taper to help restretch or to insert your ring. I recommend buying TWO TAPERS. One for each nip. :)

Tips from Yanna

  • When inserting your ring after a feeding, coat your ring in vaseline, press firmly on the top of our nipple with your index finger, while tightly squeezing the side of your nipples with your thumb and middle finger. Slowly slide in your ring. NEVER force it in.

  • If you see blood when inserting, DO NOT feed your baby from that nipple for at least 24 hours after the bleeding has stopped. Pump that side and make sure no blood is in the milk. Soak your nipple for 30 seconds in warm salt water 4x within the 24 hours. Rinse clean after every soak and apply your nipple balm of choice.

  • Keep a trinket dish on your nightstand, so you have a clean, accessible place to set your rings. While out in public, use a plastic bag, a container or anything you have on hand to place your rings in.

  • ALWAYS wash your hands before you insert your rings.

  • Soak your rings in saltwater or antibacterial unscented soap 2x a week.

  • Yes, you can breastfeed your baby if you’ve had your nipples pierced or if you have them pierced and still want to keep them. Keep in mind, the longer you’ve had your piercings, the slower it takes to completely close. Insert with vaseline EVERY time. Make sure you don’t go more than an hour or two (depending on how old your piercings are) with your ring out.

Breastfeeding while trying to keep your piercing is challenging.  If it’s something you choose to do, good luck on your journey.  If you have any questions ask them below I will be happy to answer if possible.

* Update 1/2/2019 *

I let go of my rings after 5 months of feeding for my own personal choice. Having to take them out became tedious and irritating lol. However, now that I am almost done with my breastfeeding journey I miss my rings more than ever. (I plan to repierce after I am DONE having kids). Don’t let me discourage you from keeping yours. If you really want them, keep them. I knew repiercing was an option that I am willing to do. However, PLEASE PURCHASE THE TAPER it will help prevent bleeding from improper insertion. Thank me later. :)

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