First-Year Milestones


Milestones are actions or events marking a significant change or stage in development. First-year milestones are the most exciting events to watch for a new mom; such as rolling, sitting, talking and walking. Your little one experiences a lot of milestones in just the first 12 months of life.

First-Year Milestones

While there is a specific window to hitting certain milestones, one must realize that every baby is different. You cannot compare your baby to anyone else’s, not even your own. However, if there is a general concern about your child’s development, please contact your pediatrician for advice.

My two boys were complete opposites when it came to EVERY milestone. My first boy started sitting at seven months, while my second boy was sitting at six months. My first started walking precisely one month before his first birthday, while my second boy didn’t walk until two weeks after his first birthday.

Every child is different, even when they're raised in the same household. Another factor that can contribute to a child’s development is whether they were born full term or premature. If your child is a premie her/his developments can be slightly delayed due to their adjusted age. Check out this blog on Adjusted Age Milestones-Premature Babies.


Birth to 3 Months

Physical Skills

  • Raises head and chest when on stomach (tummy time).

  • Stretches and kicks on back.

  • Open and shuts hands.

  • Brings hands to mouth.

  • Grasps and shakes toys.

Social Skills

  • Begins to develop a social smile.

  • Enjoys playing with people.

  • More communicative.

  • More expressive with face and body.

  • Imitates some movement and expressions.

Sensory Skill

  • Follows moving objects.

  • Recognize familiar objects and people at a distance.

  • Starts using hands and eyes in coordination.

Language Skill

  • Cooing and grunting.


4 to 7 Months

Physical Skills

  • Rolls to both sides.

  • Sits with and without support of hands.

  • Supports whole weight on legs.

  • Reaches with one hand.

  • Transfers object from hand to hand.

  • Uses raking grasp.

  • Teething. (although it can start as early as 2 months)

Social Skills

  • Enjoys social play.

  • Interested in mirror images.

  • Responds to expressions of emotions.

  • Appears joyful often.

Cognitive Thinking

  • Finds partially hidden object.

  • Explores with hands and mouth.

  • Struggles to get objects that are out of reach.


  • Responds to familiar voice.

  • Vocal Play; babbling, ma, pa sounds.


8 to 12 Months

Physical Skills

  • Gets to sitting position without help.

  • Crawls forward on belly.

  • Assumes hands-and-knees position.

  • Gets from sitting to crawling position.

  • Pulls self up to stand.

  • Walks holding onto furniture.

Social Skills

  • Shy or anxious with strangers.

  • Cries when parents leave.

  • Enjoys imitating people in play.

  • Prefers certain people and toys.

  • Tests parental response.

  • Finger-feeds himself.

Cognitive Thinking

  • Explores objects in different ways.

  • Finds hidden objects easily.

  • Looks at correct picture when the image is named.

  • Imitates gestures.

  • Begins to use objects correctly.

Language Skill

  • Clearer Babbling; “Mama” “DaDa” etc.

  • Gestures begin; tugging on something they want. Crying and reaching towards an object.


Like mentioned before, every baby is different and hits their milestone at their own pace. Some reach them way earlier than expected while others are a bit delayed. With that being said, hitting milestone is not a reflection of your parenting (unless you are purposefully preventing them from learning/gaining a new skill) and you should not compare to your own or anyone else’s child. However, if you are concerned with the development of your little one please contact your child’s pediatrician.

First-year milestones are such a bittersweet experience to witness your little ones go through. On one end you’re excited about the accomplishment, on the other end you’re sad because time waits for no one and your little one is growing up right before your eyes.

How are your little ones doing? Are they reaching their expected milestones?

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