Age Appropriate Chores for All Ages

You may be wondering when it will be a good time for the little ones to begin picking up their toys, making their bed, or even helping with household chores. Every child is different when it comes to hitting milestones and reaching specific capabilities. However, all children can have task to help them learn to stay tidy as well as learning organizational and life skills.


When my oldest turned three I had reached my wits end on picking up toys. So I began to make it apart of our routine for him to put all his toys away twice out of the day. We would clean up once before his afternoon nap and then again before bedtime in the evening. By doing this, he was able to develop a routine, and now at seven he still cleans up before bed each day without being instructed to do so most nights. Assigning your children chores is a great way to not only teach them a new skill but also give yourself a bit of a break with keeping up with chores around the house.

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Age Appropriate Chores

Feel free to adjust this chart based on what your child is capable of doing and what you are comfortable with them doing as well. You may also offer rewards for completing chores to help encourage your child(ren). However, chores are meant to teach responsibility and do not need to receive rewards every time.

Ages 2 and 3

  • Take clothes to the laundry

  • Pick up toys

  • Put away folded laundry

  • Light dusting

  • Match Socks

  • Sort laundry by color

Ages 4 and 5

  • Set the table

  • Wipe/Clean table

  • Carry light groceries

  • Put away groceries

  • Fold towels

  • Help garden/yard work

  • Water plants

  • Make bed with assistance

Ages 6 to 9

  • Vacuum

  • Sweep floors

  • Fold laundry

  • Rake leaves

  • Check Mail

  • Assist with younger siblings

Ages 10-15

  • Clean bathroom

  • Help cook a meal

  • Take out trash supervised

  • Sweep/Mop floors

  • Help clean car

  • Assist with mowing lawn

  • Wash dishes

  • Supervise younger siblings

  • Manage certain amounts of money

 Chore Charts 

Having a visible chart available for your little ones to see their chores and see them being checked off is also a great way to encourage them. Use stickers, colorful markers, and more to make it fun interactive and creative. 

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Rewards are great for encouragement but not needed often. You should also keep your rewards simple. Some great ideas are being able to watch their favorite movie, stay up 30 minutes - 1 hour past bedtime on weekends, getting an extra snack during the day, etc.


Remember to have fun! Although chores can be tedious, they can also be fun to learn. Get creative and create games surrounded specific chores to make them more fun and exciting.


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