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Shanophia- MMC Creator

Shanophia- MMC Creator

Yanna- MMC Creator

Yanna- MMC Creator


Happy Mother’s Day, and welcome to The Modern Moms Club. Mother's Day is a day to appreciate, reflect and celebrate motherhood.  It was logical to use this day to introduce this platform to all of our mothers, mothers-to-be and positive mother figures.

As two friends who continuously share experiences and lean on each other for support, we decided to create a blog.  We wanted our blog to relate to a younger generation of mothers.  While still holding the same values as old school mothering. We were sure that other moms look for advice, tips, and support from moms just like us. The Modern Moms Club will offer a platform for mothers and parents to find tips, ideas, and inspiration during their parenting journey. They say it takes a village to raise a child and here we would love to build that village.

Topics we plan to cover:

  • Everyday parenting

  • DIY and crafts

  • Deals and Steals

  • Fun and easy busy mom-friendly recipes

  • Topics just for mom from sex and relationships to self-care and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

This Mother’s Day we hope you take the time to treat yourself and indulge in the love your child(ren), family and friends have to give.  

We hope you will enjoy the blog and visit often! Your feedback, requests, and participation are always encouraged and welcomed!

Thank you for joining the club!

Shanophia & Yanna


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