Six Things I HATE About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding. Cons of Breastfeeding. Things I hate about breastfeeding.

As for many things in life, breastfeeding comes with pros and cons. In my opinion and experience, there are more advantages if anything.  The disadvantages of nursing are moments when you stop and think to yourself “why did I choose this commitment?”  I am sure a few of you nursing mamas can relate.

 (Side Note: I only give my son formula under desperate measures. So before you say “just give him a bottle” keep that in mind.)

The first latch. My, oh, my, I have never felt a pain like that.  For the mothers out there who effortlessly eased into breastfeeding their little one(s) kudos to you.  For me the first three weeks were HELL.  My son had the latch of life, my nipples were sore 24/7, and I started to engorge a week later. I was so close to giving up numerous times but the guilt of not breastfeeding my first son wouldn't allow me to give up so quickly. 

Breastfeeding is a 24/7 commitment even when you’re not around your baby. You still have to tend to the milk you make for her/him.  From the late night pumping sessions at the beginning to help your milk supply stay afloat. Having to pump during your workday at your place of employment. To you reminding yourself to bring your pump (preferable manual) to your “Me Day” outings that we mothers so rightfully deserve. It is a TRUE around the clock commitment. 

Breastfeeding in public. I am not the type of person who uses a nursing cover or the type to excuse myself to a public restroom to feed my baby. (No shame towards Mother’s that do, do your thing) I feed my child whenever and where ever he is hungry. However, no place to feed your child is as comfy or private than being at home.  I’ve been in some pretty uncomfortable places to feed my child.  When you’re not comfortable while breastfeeding, it tends to make the feeding a lot longer and semi-stressful for not only you but your little one as well. 

Being mindful of what you eat. Being aware of what you eat because it can affect your little one is challenging.  I don't believe that your baby eats what you eat. However, I feel that specific food will react to them the same way it has on you.  i.e., Spicy food can give you an upset stomach.  Beans will provide you with gas.  Veggies high in fiber will regulate your bowel movements. Etc. So I'm always cautious about what I eat and how it may affect him.

Not so travel-friendly.  With my first son (who was formula fed) going out and about was just as easy as fill the bottle with water and have the formula ready.  With breast milk, you have to keep it refrigerated (cooled)  until you decide to use it.  Once your baby becomes hungry, you have to find a way to warm your milk and FAST. There are ways around traveling with breastmilk I'm sure.  It is just not as easy as 1, 2, 3, feed!

The negative opinions of others. People say a lot of ignorant things towards mothers that breastfeed.  Statements such as, "oh, you're breastfeeding, he/she is going to be attached at your hip forever." "Exactly how long do you plan on feeding him? Tuhh, that's too long you better give him some real milk".  "I think breastfeeding in public is disgusting; a person should excuse themselves to the bathroom if they need to feed their baby." Although I don't feel personally attacked by the negative statements, it's still super annoying to hear the ignorance.

Like I said before, everything comes with a negative side and or moment.  None of the negatives above would ever stop me from breastfeeding my baby boy or any future little ones I may have. Breastfeeding is the BEST decision I have ever made.  I am saving A LOT of money because infant formula is NOT cheap at all; $17 a can to be exact. I have this beautiful bond with my baby boy.  I feel a sense of pride knowing I'm providing him with naturally made milk produced by the body that gave him life.  It's just an all-around awarding commitment not only for us moms but our little ones as well. 

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, and if you chose to do it know that it will have challenging moments.  Once you overcome the challenges of breastfeeding, in the moment or in time, you will appreciate the commitment it endures. 

Happy feedings! 


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