How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Wate

Drinking water is essential for everybody in our daily life. During the warmer months, it is even more crucial that you and your little ones stay hydrated. Although many adults do not intake the recommended amount of water per day, we will focus on the little ones for now! 


Getting kids to do anything they don’t want to can be a challenge and drinking water is no exception. Juices are not hydrating to the body like water so supplementing water intake for juice is a big NO! As far a soda/pop your little ones honestly should not even be drinking it, but we’ll save that for another blog. Throughout the day we release water from breathing, digesting our food, and sweating, so this makes drinking eater essential. Like I said getting your kids to drink water can be a challenge but I’ve come up with four ways you can encourage your little ones to drink more water and I’m here to share.  

How To Get Kids To Drink More Water

Fun Straws


Kids like anything they can play with you can find cool crazy straws pretty much anywhere these days. Make these straws strictly for drinking water to encourage them to choose water over other drinks to be able to use their cool new straw.

Cool Water Bottles


Next time you're in your local Target or Walmart head over to the water bottle section. Grab your kids favorite character bottle and make this their WATER ONLY bottle. It’s a mind game, and your little one will want to use their new cool cup which will encourage them to drink more water. These cups are also great for on the go fun.

Infused Water


This is something I enjoy myself. Add a few pieces of fruit of choice to your water and let it sit overnight. By morning you will have a refreshing naturally flavored drink. Kids love this as the water will now have flavor, and the fruit will make the drink fun and colorful.

Set An Example 

Kids love to mimic what they see. A good percent of your child’s behaviors is learned whether from you, friends, family members, or their classmates. Being a positive example for your little ones is essential. Not only will them watching you drink more water and choose water as your preferred drink of choice encourage them to drink water as well, but it’s great for you as well. Remember we all need to stay hydrated!


Tips To Help Kids Drink a More Water

Limit Juice/Soda

If you do choose to give your kids juices or sodas try to limit how much they are given. Dinking juices frequently can lead to cavities or other decay and also a large consumption of sugar. Juice and soda is also not hydrating to the body so it is not providing your little ones with what they really need. I tend to only give juice if we eat out at a restaurant or maybe at lunch time,so they understand it’s a treat and not an everyday drinking item.  

Start With Water  

Once your little one is old enough to drink water, typically around six months, give it to them. Start small with about an ounce after eating solid meals. and then give water throughout the day as they get older. Starting them off with water will encourage them to keep drinking as they get older. You also want to make sure that our stay consistent. Most babies/ small children refuse water in he beginning but just keep trying they will come around. 


How do you get your little ones to drink water? Share in the comments below.



How To Get Kids To Drink More Water


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