5 Safety Skills Your Child(ren) Should Know


Keeping our little ones safe is a parents top priority the moment we lay eyes on them. As our kids get older, it’s important to teach them safety skills to keep our child(ren) safe. These skills will be used their entire lives, teaching them young while they are starting to form habits is a great time to start. With my oldest, who has special needs it was vital that we taught him these skills the moment he was able to show us he was capable of understanding.  Special need children, just like other children, need to know safety skills if not more then other children. So don’t count them out! 

Know Their First and Last Name

Knowing their full first and last name allows them to identify themselves. Let’s say a child gets lost, at least then they will be able to let someone know who they are so that law enforcement or any other adult can help them in finding parents

Know Parents Name  

Kids should know their mom and dads name. Remembering names is a skill we often do not teach our children as we feel Mommy and Daddy is what’s appropriate. Again using our lost scenario, if they can identify who their parents are help will be better at assisting them.

Know How to dial 911 and When To Dial

Once at the appropriate age of full understanding (which varies amongst children) teaching your child how to dial 911 and when is essential. In the event they need help and there is not an adult present, or the present adult is in trouble the child will be able to seek help. Teach them that 911 is not a number to play with and that police are not bad people. I know in this current times police are not everyone’s best of friend; however, kids need to know that they are there to help.

Good vs Bad Strangers  

You may have heard the phrase “stranger danger” numerous of times. Kids should know not to speak to strangers to always seek help if a stranger approaches them. However, they also need to know good strangers. Teach your children that people in power are good strangers in the event they need help. For example, teach them to go into stores and speak with someone behind a register or with a proper name tag. Again police, firefighters or teachers are good examples of good strangers.

Body Saftey 

Teach your children about their bodies and the emotions they feel about their bodies. It is crucial that they know hugs, kisses, and touching is their personal choice. Children should know that they can say NO and speak up if they are being forced to do something uncomfortable. This INCLUDES family and friends. Never force your child to hug, kiss, or touch anyone if they have already expressed they are not interested. It is also important that they know not to touch other children like hitting, kicking, or punching. This skill is to implicate abuse prevention knowledge.


Bonus Skill

No Secrets From Parents

No one should ever tell your child not to tell you something. Teaching your kids no secrets opens the door to allow them to tell you any and everything.  Let them know their voice has power and that if anything makes them uncomfortable or if someone tells them not to say something they should.

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