Is Your Child(ren) Ready For Kindergarten?

Learning starts from the day your child is born (s)he learns to adapt to the new world, learns how to use their limbs and how to recognize people and objects.  I am a firm believer in "it's never too early" to introduce learning to babies and toddlers.  You can teach your child how to do things in fun ways that will stick with them forever. For example, spell cat, C (clap) A (clap) T (clap), YAAYYY! Before you know it you have a two-year-old spelling cat and other shorter words.  

Kindergarten Readiness

When your child gets to age 2-4, it is crucial that you begin teaching them things from the list below.  Kindergarten is around the corner, and you want to prepare your child for this BIG milestone. You may think this list is too much for your two or three-year-old, but I am here to tell you that it's NOT! I have a four-year-old son (just turned four May 17th).

By the time he turned four, he was able to...

  • Write his first and last name, physically and verbally on his own

  • Count to 100

  • Identify/write letters and colors.

  • Spell colors (blue, yellow, black, purple, pink, orange, red, white)

  • Count to 11 in Spanish

  • Identify basic shape

Those are just a few things he knew by that age and some we're still currently working on (like tying his shoes).  Moral of the story is when you make things fun kids learn quickly.  It's never too early to introduce learning.  Prepare your little ones for their big day of big girl/boy school! Here is a downloadable list below for you to track their kindergarten readiness!


NOTE:  This is just a basic list of things required.  Contact your school district for a more detailed list preferably ONE YEAR before your little one starts kindergarten!



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