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Dental care for kids. Oral Care For Kids. Dental care for infants. Oral Care for infants.

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Instilling good dental habits with your little ones is essential.  Those habits can follow them well into adulthood. Practices such as not eating a lot of candy because candy can cause cavities, brushing morning and night, flossing daily are all healthy dental habits to begin teaching. If you are stuck on when you should start to care for your little one's teeth, I am here to help.  


Babies firth tooth erupts between 3-9 months; the average time is around six months for most.  Before your little ones teeth begin to erupt you should be doing things like cleaning their gums with a finger brush, damp gauze or clean washcloth.  Why do you ask? Because before a tooth breaks a surface, there may be a small opening in the gum where bacteria can hide and cause a cavity. When your baby's tooth shows its first appearance, you should begin searching for a pediatric dentist and look to schedule their appointment six months after the arrival of their first tooth.

*Your little one should never go to sleep with milk in their mouths. Milk residue can cause bacteria to form which could later encourage cavities. 

AGE 6-12 MOS

By this time your little one's teeth should be coming in rapidly.  Between this time they should be expected to have around four to eight teeth. Teething around this time may be at an all-time high.  Make sure you have enough teething rings prepared and or chilled.  Consult with your pediatrician about infant pain relievers, if you see that the pain is too much for your baby to bare. As far as brushing, your baby should brush his/her teeth every morning and night with the appropriate toothpaste and toothbrush for their age. 



By this age, your little one should have a routine going. Brush teeth in the morning and brush right before bed. Parents, we sometimes have to go behind them and brush for them to make sure they reached every tooth! Teach them good brushing habits and don't forget to clean their tongue! Floss, of course with the help of an adult. By the age of three or four, you can introduce mouthwash! During this time your child should be seeing their dentist annually (or biannually). So don't forget to schedule that appointment! 

Never ignore tooth pains! If your little one is saying, their teeth are bothering them schedule an appointment with your pediatric dentist ASAP.  Good luck on your journey of happy, healthy teeth! 

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