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If you're going to allow your kids screen time, why not make it worth the screening. When my oldest son was four years old, I finally gave in to him getting his tablet (since I over sharing my iPad with him lol). Once he got his first tablet, as a parent, I wanted to make sure that he was looking at things that were going to promote education and still be fun for him to enjoy. Over the years I have found these websites that have been great.

 A teacher created site, great for grades K-5. They offer educational games and apps for kids under the guidance of their parents. 



PBS Kids has been around for many years, some of us grew up on PBS ourselves. They offer various shows, apps, games, and learning activities for kids. They also offer PBS Parents, were you can find many parenting resources.


Another oldie but goodie. Who remembers getting the Highlights magazine when you were younger? Highlights Kids still has the same fun and educational games and activities your kids  will love. 


Fun Brain is geared for children in Pre K-8th grade. They focus on subjects like reading and math as well as provide games, videos, and activities. 

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Cool Math targets kids from Pre K-High school . Both sites combined will offer you all the math support you will need your child's entire school age journey. From learning numbers to pre-calculus Cool Math has you covered.


Teach Your Monster To Read is an online 42 week (based on 20 minutes a day recommendation) game designed to make learning to read fun. The game goes from kids just learning letters and sounds, to kids able to read full sentences. However its awesome for all younger children to keep them refreshed on reading skills. 

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