DON'T Touch My Baby's Hands!

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I am VERY serious when it comes to germs and my baby!  Wash your hands, don't kiss him, don't let him put his mouth on you, don't let him eat off of you, etc. There are way too many cooties getting passed around out here so if I can prevent my baby from catching any I will.  Sounds a bit extreme right? Should I just put him in a bubble, huh?

Why can't I touch his hands?

Small children ESPECIALLY infants/babies tend to put their hands in their mouth. When you touch a babies hand, you are transferring germs that they will eventually transfer to their mouth. Germs from doorknobs, handrails, YOUR PHONE (which is the germiest item that you own), etc. So keep that in mind the next time you touch a babies hand.  Think to yourself "have I washed my hands recently?"

I know, letting them grasp your finger with their small, soft baby hands is irresistible.  However, touching a babies hand without washing your hands is RUDE! There has been plenty of occasions when my son and I were out running errands, and some stranger takes it upon themselves to touch his hands while goo-gooing at him. I don't mind stranger interactions but DON'T TOUCH MY BABY, PERIOD!

I am trying to figure out when it even became acceptable to touch a baby's that you don't even know. That is just as disrespectful as randomly rubbing a pregnant ladies belly. You can wave, smile, play peek-a-boo for all I care.  DON'T TOUCH HIS HANDS. Actually, don't touch him PERIOD.

Can we prevent our baby from all germs? No, that's why I will never let my germaphobic tendencies take over my entire life. However, when it comes to the germs in my control, aka the ones on your hands I WILL.  New moms, make sure you keep sanitizer wipes near, not only for yourself but for your little ones. (preferably natural wipes for them like these) If a stranger touches your babies hands, WIPE IT IMMEDIATELY! You don't know where their hands have been! 

If you are like me and hate the germs that are in your control check out my other blog  5 Items Every Germaphobe Moms Needs. 

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