Baby Bag Essentials: 0-6 Months

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If you're reading this, it is possible you are a new mom, and you have no idea what to pack in your diaper bag for your baby. Besides the obvious diapers, wipes, and bottle (if you're bottle feeding) what else does your little one need while on the go? With my first son, I'm here to tell you it was trial and error. I constantly rotated things in and out of his bag depending on where we were going and how long we were out and if he needed something specific like baby medicine. Throughout this trial and error process, I came up with a good list of essentials every mom should be carrying in their diaper bag.  


Diaper Trash Bags

While I was out shopping during my recent pregnancy I ran across the Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Dispenser & Bags. LIFESAVER! No open dirty diapers. just simply pull out a bag and place the diaper inside to toss in the trash or set n your bag until you are able to get to a trash can.  The bags are deodorize to keep your diaper bag fresh and mask the scent of any dirty diapers. No need to worry about stinking up the place or your bag! 


Extra Clothes

Little ones and their messes are extremely unpredictable. Sometimes you will need to give baby a quick change here and there. Always pack a fresh onesie or two and socks. Depending on the weather you may also pack a pair of pants or a fresh footed sleeper. 

Hand Sanitizer

I carry sanitizer everywhere I keep one in my purse, car, job, even on my nightstand. After changing babies, it is good to sanitize your hands so you won't transfer germs to your baby. Sanitizer is also useful for when you are around friends and family that may want to hold your baby to ensure they also are not transferring any unwanted germs to the baby. Remember your hands are full of germs your little one will be happy you are trying to protect them.  



Small Blanket

You never know when you may go inside a place that's chilly or need something to lay baby on if you are at someone's house. It is ideal to choose a lightweight baby blanket. Also it is a good blocker from unpredictable weather such as rain. 


Back Up Pacifier

My son was notorious for losing a pacifier or spitting it out onto the dirty floor. I learned the hard way to bring a backup ALWAYS! Nothing worse than having a screaming baby who wants his or her pacifier and your stuck without one. 



Changing Pad

A changing pad is great to assist in changing your baby's diaper. You never want to place baby directly onto any surface when out and about. Having your changing pad will help keep germs away from baby. 

Snacks (For Older siblings & Mom)

For those longer outings toss a few granola bars and fruit pouches  in your diaper bag for a quick snack on the go.

Sanitizing Wipes 

Sometimes you will need to wipe things off. Sanitizing wipes come in handy whether it is a changing table in a public restroom, clean a quick mess, hands, or shopping carts.


I Prefer the Wet Ones Gentle Sanitizing Wipes you can find here


Do you have some essentials you put in your diaper bag? Let me know below! 

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