5 Items EVERY Germaphobe Mom Needs!

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I am semi germaphobe, and I wear my badge with honor. ESPECIALLY when it comes to my infant, I am THAT mom that will make sure you wash your hands before you touch my baby.  I will make sure that you lay a receiving blanket on your shirt just so my baby is not laying on your outside clothes. Don't touch his hands and don't kiss him (check out my blog Don't Kiss My Baby).  Some may say "I do the most," but I don't care.  Can I prevent him from every germ?  No, however the ones I can, I WILL.

Here are five items EVERY germaphobe mom needs. 

Anti Bacterial Wipes (natural)

Antibacterial wipes come in handy for when you need to wipe something down. Your babies toy may fall on the floor or another person may touch something of theirs and we all know babies put EVERYTHING in their mouth. The list can go on and on, so keep a pack of wipes in your diaper bag.  Natural wipes are preferred so your baby is not exposed to harsh chemicals. 

Hand Sanitizer 

Do I really need to give a reason why you should have hand sanitizer?  Baby or not, a bottle of this is needed in EVERY day life. Check out this awesome natural hand sanitizer by the Honest Company. 

 Honest Company Hand Sanitizer

Cart/High Chair Cover

A lot of hands touch shopping carts, and a lot of babies touch public high chairs. The thought of it makes my stomach curl, especially since they both aren't sanitized as they should be or if at all. One of these will help calm your germaphobic nerves.  

Table Toppers 

Table toppers allow your baby to eat without having to eat off the table.  I've worked in restaurants for years, and they do not have the most sanitizing ways to clean off tables.  Table toppers allows your baby to eat their finger foods without having to put them on a plate (they will try to pick up and drop them) or without having to set them on a dirty table. 

Re-useable or Disposable Baby Changing Covers

Public baby changers are FULL of germs! Ask yourself this, ave you ever seen one get wiped off by the cleaning crew? Neither have I! Having one of these helps prevent your baby from having their bare bottoms touch this germ-y surface. 


I am sure there are 100 more items you may come across to help keep your baby away from cooties.  If you have any-other suggestions or items  comment them below! 

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