Get Ready for Back to school with Target


Target has become my number one store for anything I need. Food, clothes, beauty products, diapers, shoes, you name it they have it.  So, of course, they are my go to every year for back to school shopping for my son. If you’re not a Target shopper you are truly missing out and I’m here to tell you why.

Get Ready for Back to School with Target



My favorite thing about Target is their Cartwheel App! I can find all the latest deals, check what’s in stock at my local stores, and create a shopping list that has the aisle numbers for my items for quick and easy shopping.

Download The App Here  

School Shop 


Every year target has their School Shop available for easy back to school shopping. This area is usually placed in the back of the store if you need help finding it just ask your target associate to point you in the right direction. The school shop has everything your kids will need for back to school. Backpacks, notebooks, crayons, you name it. They also carry all of the local school supply lists printed out for you to be able to make sure you are getting everything your child’s school requires for their particular grade. 

Here is a basic list of items most elementary schools require your child(ren) to have. Check your local target or child’s school for more detailed lists.

  1. Wide Rule Notebook

  2. 2 Pocket Folder

  3. #2 Pencils

  4. Hand Sanitizer

  5. Klennex Tissue

  6. Crayons

  7. Soft Pencil Box

  8. Washable Gluesticks

  9. Large Pink Eraser

  10. Child Safe Scissors


Clothing and Accessories  


Target has a wide selection of clothes and accessories for kids of all ages. Shirts, pants, shoes, belts, and dresses to name a few things. They also have uniforms through their Cat & Jack line that’s super durable. 



I love there denim jeans, it’s affordable and durable for kids who are a bit rough on their clothes. They also come with an adjustable waist which is awesome for petite children 


If you have children your sending off to college Target Room Essentials has you covered! From desk laps to pillows they have everything your college student will need to create a home away from home.  



MMC hopes this school year will be full of fun, learning, and new experiences for your children! Happy Shopping! 




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