Toddler Developmental Milestones

As our little ones grow their life is marked by many milestones from the moment they are born until they are adults. As parents, we always want to make sure they are hitting their milestones and developing properly. If your baby is under 12 months check out our blog on First Year Milestones for your little one's proper set of milestones. If your little one was born premature and under 12 months it’s very important to know the difference in their adjusted age vs their chronological age which you can read about here,  Adjusted Age Milestones. 


Toddler age is considered 12-36 months or 1--3years of age. During this time your little ones are really becoming active, communicating more than ever, and further getting to know the world around them. Knowing their milestones during this age is essential for getting them prepared for preschool. It’s important to remember every child develops differently and at their own pace for many reasons. Try not to compare your child to other children even their siblings. Some kids are advanced and some just need a little more time. It is also totally normal if your little one is advanced in some areas but needs more time in others. If you are worried about your child’s development always consult your pediatrician.

Milestones are broken up into 4 categories:

Gross Motor Skills  Large movements such as walking, crawling, or jumping. 

Fine Motor Skills  Small movements such as picking up objects with fingers, sticking tongue out to taste foods, or wiggling toes. 

Speech/Language Being able to verbally and non-verbally express thoughts and emotions 

Social/ Cognitive  Skills needed to carry on everyday task whether simple or complex such as paying attention and problem-solving. 


Remember to work with your little ones daily. Make learning fun by being creative with games and activities. 

Toddler Regression

Sometimes your little one will have moments where they revert to baby mode. It’s totally normal for them to do so.  Remember growing up and constantly learning new things can be overwhelming to some toddlers. Remember to nurture your tot even you wish you can go back and let mommy hold you when things get tough.

When To Consult Your Pediatrician

If you notice your child is not hitting milestone (ie. they are 18 months and still not walking or 24 months with no words) simply bring your concerns to your child’s pediatrician. Trust me it will do more good than harm. Ignoring signs of developmental delays early in your child’s life can be detrimental to their future. Know that many kids often have delays but go on to live healthy happy lives.

Here is a printable checklist of toddler milestones offered by the CDC FREE PRINTABLE

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