Teething Survival Kit For You & Your Little One

Teething is probably one of the hardest milestones in a baby’s infancy.  Our poor little ones aren’t able to understand what is happening to their gums. Their gum hurt, are swollen and can prevent them from being able to sleep at night. Us parents have to be prepared for this milestone so it can be as smooth for them (and us) as possible.

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How do you prepare for your teething baby?


Your little one will drool A LOT when I say a lot I mean A LOT. They will soak through them within an hour or less. They will soak through bibs and their onesie. It is essential that you keep a few bibs in their diaper bag during outings along with a few onesies. Try to get a nice thick material bib as well so you won’t have to change them as often.


In my opinion, babies should have at least five or more teethers. I say this because I freeze my teethers so I always have one cold and some teethers don’t require freezing, give your little one options. There are so many teethers out there to choose. You have the classic ring teethers, toy teether, mitts, necklace, etc.  Pick a teether that you feel is best for your little one.  My son LOVES his teething mitt and teething ring.  Teethers help soothe their gums when they are swollen and irritable.

Numbing Gel

Numbing gel help relieve gum irritation when it gets awful.  Babies usually need it when their gums are swollen due to the tooth preparing to rip through the gums. There are plenty of baby numbing gels out there, however, I prefer Nuby All Natural Teething Gel.  I only suggest using numbing gel when a baby shows great irritation.  Don’t apply just because you know they are teething.

Teething Medicine

After a while, the gel wears off, or for some babies, it doesn’t work at all. Teething medicine can help the baby nap and sleep at night during his teething journey. I am not a big fan of just giving them medication at the sign of slight irritation. I prefer to do it when I see them teething are preventing them from getting proper rest. I also prefer all natural medicine like Hylands Baby Oral Pain Relief.


Like with every hard stage that comes with having a baby this too shall pass. Remember that your baby doesn’t understand the pain they’re going through, and crying is the only way they know how to express it. Their teeth are ripping through their gums, that sounds like horrible pain so have some compassion for your little one during this milestone.

Nursing Mama?

If you are a nursing mama another soothing method that could work are breast milk pops!. My son loved his pops and I’m sure they helped soothe his throbbing gums. Check out my Breast Milk Ice Pops Blog!

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