Top Recommended Bottles for Breastfed Babies

Hey mom! I’m going to assume your here because you are trying to figure out what bottle to purchase for your breastfed baby. Remember these are just recommendations and you may find yourself going through a few options till you find the right one. None the less your in the right place.

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When I made the decision to breastfeed my baby I didn’t put much thought into bottles. I just picked up the same ones I used with my first, who was strictly bottle fed assuming it will be just fine. I was so wrong! My little one was born prematurely and spent some time in the NICU. During his NICU stay, they introduced him to the bottle and he struggled for a while with it. We eventually decided to try letting him latch on to my breast with the help of a nipple shield. This was a life saver however once I was ready to start nursing without the shield his latch was terrible and painful for me so I decided to start back giving him a bottle. Remember that bottle I said I purchased? My baby hated that bottle and refused to take it. I was worried because I knew I would be returning to work and he had to take a bottle. Breastfed babies tend to shy away from bottles. I mean hard cold plastic or a nice warm soft breast which would you choose? So I began to search for what was the best bottle that would help him with his latch, that he would actually take and not make him colic.


Before you rush to your nearest Target, like I did you need to know what to look for in a bottle for a breastfed baby.

Wide Neck/Base- helps baby mimic breast  

Baby Led or Slow Flow Nipple- helps baby control their own flow like moms nipple  

Soft & Flexible Nipple - This mimics Moms breast and helps baby to latch properly 

 1. Mam Anti Colic Bottle 


Mam has a unique soft nipple designed to mimic moms breast. They are designed to reduce colic and help babies with perfecting their latch.  

2. Tommee Tipee Anti Colic Bottle  


 Tommee Tipee has a breast shape like nipple that a soft and flexible for easy latching and to help mimic moms natural comfort and stretch of your nipple.

3. Nuk Natural  


 Nuk Natural has a nipple designed with multi holes just like moms breast. It’s wide soft flexible nipple helps eliminate nipple confusion and help with latch  

4. Dr Browns Natural Flow Wide Neck


This bottle can be used with or without the vent system. It is designed to help reduce feeding issues, improve digestion, as well as preserve vitamins and nutrients in your babies milk.  


5. Kiined Squeezed


With Kiinde it’s no need to transfer your milk from bag to bottle simple pump using the Kiind pouches and insert them directly into the bottle.  

6. Munchkin Latch Bottle


The Latch bottle, like the name suggest is specifically designed to help improve babies latch. It also helps to reduce colic. 

7. Comtomo Natural Fee


Comotomo has become pretty popular. They are a more pricey option, however the soft hygienic silicone design helps ease your mind on baby being exposed to toxic tchemicals. 

8. Phillips Avent Natural Glass Bottle 


phillips Avent has a variety of bottles. Their glass bottle has a petal nipple design that helps impeove babies latch 

9. Nanobebe 


Nanobebe is am all in one bottle. You can pump, store , warm, and feed from this breast like shaped bottle.  

10. Minbie 


Minbie is designed for premature and full-term babies to help support breastfeeding without the confusion.


So which bottle worked for me?  

My little ones ended up liking the Tommee Tippee Bottle. His latch improved almost instantly and he now takes a bottle when I’m unable to nurse just fine. My only con for this bottle is the nipple flow even for the slow flow is a bit fast and he ends up leaking milk. So when we are on the go out and about I also use the Dr. Browns Wide Neck Bottle.

Like I always say, every baby is different and what may work well for one baby may not work so great for the next. Don’t be afraid to absorb the cost and try new bottles. 

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