Cradle Cap: Infant Skin Conditions

Have you noticed any flaky or scaly patches on your babies scalp?  Alarming, right? No worries mama it’s not harmful, completely normal, and your not alone. Over 70% of infants experience these flaky patches and it is called cradle cap. 



Cradle cap or known as infantile seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin condition (rash) that is commonly found on the top of a babies head or in some cases their ears, eyebrows, forehead, or upper body. 


Cradle cap may appear yellow in color, greasy, scaly or flaky. It may also have a slight smell. If your babies condition is more serious it may have a very pungent smell combined with itchiness or even hair loss, in which case you need to consult with your babies pediatrician as the cradle cap has then possibly formed into a yeast infection. 

Typically cradle cap is self diagnosed and able to heal with out any medical attention. So no need to rush to the doctor if you begin to notice a flaky scalp. 

Allergies vs Cradle Cap 

Cradle cap can be an early detector for eczema, another skin condition that is totally common in children. However it is not always the case. The key indicator in this situation will be whether or not your baby is experiencing itchiness but no other signs like foul odor. Cradle cap itself is not itchy. If you think your baby is having an allergy consult with your pediatrician. 


Treating Cradle Cap  

Remember your babies skin is extremely sensitive so do not use any cradle cap or dandruff ridding products on your baby without consulting a doctor. You can using a normal baby shampoo 3-4 times a week and gently brush babies hair with a baby brush over time this will remove the flakes. DO NO SCRATCH your babies scalp to remove flakes as this can damage the skin. You may use olive oil or coconut oil lightly on the infected area(s) to add moisture. In some cases you may also use an over the counter hydrocortisone cream to treat cradle cap as well. Again consult with your babies pediatrician before use. 

Although alarming at first notice cradle cap is just one of those things babies go through. As they mature their bodies are constantly trying to adapt to the world outside of the womb. Cradle cap typically can last anywhere from a few weeks or until baby reaches one year of age, so do not be alarmed if it do s not clear up right away. 

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