10 Healing Uses For Breastmilk

Breast milk is known to be liquid gold! Not just because it is loaded with tons of vitamins and nutrients for your baby but it is also useful for healing many things. 



Cracked/Dry Nipples

Breastmilk is a great moisturizer. Rubbing in left over milk after nursing will help keep your nipples from becoming dry or cracked. Express some milk, rub it on your nipples and allow you nips to air dry for about five minutes. 


Want to clear a flare up fast? Apply a few drops of breastmilk a few times a day to the area to relive itching and treat it quickly.  Adding breast milk to your babies bath water (aka a milk bath) will help soothe their eczema as well.

Cradle Cap  

You can apply a generous amount of breastmilk to babies scalp 2-3 times a day. Your milk will help moisturize the scalp as well as heal the cradle cap.

Baby Acne 

Using a clean finger, apply breast milk to your babies face and allow to air dry. I recommend doing this while baby is sleep to make sure they don’t wipe it off since babies tend to put their hands to face often.  

Pink Eye

Express a few drops of breast milk into a clean dry cup and using a clean eye dropper apply the drops to the infected eye to clear pink eye. 

Chapped Lips 

Since breastmilk has amazing moisturizing properties, using a clean finger apply breastmilk a few times a day will heal dry lips.  

Diaper Rash  

Breastmilk helps with inflammation. Adding some to your babies inflamed area to soothe and heal the rash.  Adding breast milk to your babies bath water (aka a milk bath) will help soothe and clear their diaper rash.


Applying breastmilk to burned areas will help soothe the skin

Ear Infection 

Putting a few drops of breastmilk in babies ear every few hours to help clear the infection quicker.  

See, liquid gold! Save yourself and baby the extra doctors visit and the money on pricey prescriptions by using your FREE breastmilk to treat these common conditions. If you notice symptoms are getting worse stop use and consult a doctor ASAP. 


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