Nursing Moms Guide To Clearing Up Diaper Rash QUICK!

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Breast milk comes in handy for more than just nourishing your little ones body.  This milk is seriously liquid gold. Breast milk can be used to cure cradle cap, clear up eczema and rid diaper rash! 



I swear by two things to clear up my baby boys diaper rash; Aquaphor and breast milk. That's it! The moment I see tender-looking skin on his bottom I utilize my two cures.  Catching diaper rash before it becomes too extreme is key. 

Breast Milk- I give my son milk baths when I notice tender-looking skin on his bottom. I fill up his tub with warm water and add 4-5 oz of expressed milk. Adding milk to the bath water helps the healing process because your little ones rash is submerge in the breast milk. I like to keep him in the bath a little longer than usual so the milk can soothe his bottom. 

During the day you can drop a few drops of milk onto your little ones rash and allow it to air dry then apply ointment for further treatment. 

Aquaphor- Apply about a pea size (or more, but a little goes a long way!) to the rash.  This ointment is my savior.  I have used this stuff to help heal up a scar on my older son's face days before picture day.  I use it for my son when I notice he has dry spots or eczema flares. I was eager to find out that it is also a GREAT diaper rash ointment.  (BUY HERE!)

I kid you not when I sit my son in a milk bath and apply Aquaphor his rash is cleared by the next day.  (of course, results depend on the severeness of the outbreak).  If you are a nursing mama, I HIGHLY suggest trying this the next time your little one has a rash. 


If you have tried it let me know how it went below. 

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