Tips & Tricks to Cure Infant Acid Reflux

Have you noticed your baby has been showing signs of discomfort after eating?  Recently my little one was very uncomfortable after his feedings. He would spit up almost all of his milk, and cry every time he was placed on his back. After speaking with his pediatrician she diagnosed him with acid reflux.


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Acid reflux in infants can be tough on baby and mom, but it’s very common and I’m going to tell you exactly how to help your baby. Acid reflux is very similar to heartburn for infants. It’s when their stomach acid irritates the food pipe lining. All infants have acid reflux to a certain extent, however, symptoms like the ones below are going to help you determine if your little one needs help. 

Symptoms of Acid Reflux

  • Discomfort after eating

  • Heavy spitting up or vomiting after feedings

  • Gassy

  • Irritation when lying on back

  • Seemingly unhappy or uncomfortable

  • Sour breath or burps

  • Failure to gain weight


Acid reflux remedies  

1. Elevate baby while sleeping

You may place a firm foam wedge under baby’s crib mattress or allow them to supervised nap in their boppy pillow. By keeping them elevated it helps keep food down and allows them to digest properly. I have also found a chair/ rocker works great to keep the elevated yet comfortable. Again you want to supervise them when sleeping elevated. I do not suggest to leave them up right while you are not able to watch them, remember babies should sleep on their backs till they are older.

2. Sit baby upright after feeding  

This allows baby the chance to digest their food, after feeding and burping place baby upright either on your lap or in a chair for up to 30 minutes. I found wearing my baby carrier worked best so I can get things done while he was upright and my constant motion put him to sleep. 


3. Gripe Water 

 Gripe water contains many soothing herbs that help with infant gas and indigestion. For my little one the Wellements Organic Gripe Water was a life saver. It gave him instant relief after feedings. I chose this brand because it did not have any artificial colors or flavoring, alcohol, as well as being gluten and dairy free to avoid possible allergic reactions.

4. Starting Solids with Infant Oatmeal

If your baby is under 4 months of age please consult your pediatrician before trying this step. If your little one is 4 months or older they are typically safe to start there first solid food of oatmeal. Know exactly what you will need to get started and the alarming information between rice cereal and oatmeal by checking out Preparing For Baby’s First Feeding. By giving your baby oatmeal it eliminates them swallowing to much air as well as give them added nutrients to help mature their digestive system.

5. Switching Formula ( if formula feeding )

Again this is one thing you will need to consult your pediatrician on before switching a babies formula. My baby is breast fed but he is on a high calorie diet due to premature birth and low birth weight. The original formula he was taking caused him to have a lot of gas and is very hard for him to digest. We switch the the Enfamil Gentlease Formula as it is more gentle on his sensitive tummy and helps with gas, colic, and fussiness.

6. Change Diet (if Nursing)

When breastfeeding remember most of what you eat is given to baby through your breast milk. Refrain from all dairy products when nursing if your baby has acid reflux. Dairy helps aid acid production in the stomach so it makes a lot of sense as to why you should avoid it if you are nursing a reflux baby. Look out for increased symptoms after you eat certain food to see if anything you are consuming may be affecting baby. Also nursing more vs bottle feeding helps a acid reflux baby as well.


Remember acid reflux can be a temporary or long term condition. consult with your doctor through your journey to ensure your baby is taken care of as best as they can be. Keep in mind what may work for one baby most often times does not work for another. The formula switch and gripe water was the most helpful for me and my little one.

Does your little one have acid reflux?

What remedies have you tried?

Feel free to leave my a comment below!


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