Best Baby Carriers for Plus Size Moms

When I had my first son I always saw moms out and about baby wearing their babies. I always wanted to do the same but I never saw a plus size mom doing so, so I stayed away from purchasing a baby carrier in fear of looking ridiculous or not finding one that would actually fit. Sounds like you? Well momma I’m here to tell you baby wearing is for EVERYBODY!

Best baby carriers for plus size moms! #plussize #plussizemom #babywearing

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When I found out I was pregnant the second time around, I was fortunate to do some research on baby wearing and finding the best carriers to use for me and my baby.  I wanted to be sure I found a carrier that would fit properly and comfortably for me and baby. I also had to educate myself on the different types of carriers to find the best one for me.

What is Baby Wearing?

Baby wearing has been practiced for centuries and by many cultures around the world. It is when you wear or carry baby with a sling or other style baby carrier.

Types of Baby Carriers

Buckle Carriers

This is the most popular carrier type. It is probably due to buckle carriers having so many options being highly versatile and customizable that makes them so popular. These a re great for plus size moms and dads as they tend to have more room for adjustments with the straps and come with a larger waist band. Moms also prefer buckle carriers for the large adjusting seats for baby.

Infantino 4 in 1 Convertible Carrier $29+

I personally chose this carrier. My baby and I love it for travel through the airport and for our afternoon walks. It fits around my waist and arms comfortably.

-Holds baby up to 32lbs

-Position baby either in front or on back in back pack style

-Custom seat positioning for a more comfortable fit

-Comes with detachable bib to protect your clothes

Purchase on Amazon HERE

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Out of all the carrier styles the wrap is more on the traditional side. Many have strayed away from this style due to how complex they can be to wrap and secure. The one pro is that you can buy fabric and create your own DIY wrap. Wraps are great for smaller babies as you can get them as snug and secure as you can. Wraps are also favored amongst plus size moms as they are able to make the arm and back areas to their size liking for comfort.

Boba Wrap $39.95+

- Comes in one size meant to fit parents between 5ft-6ft tall

- Perfect for premature babies

-Supports baby up to 35lbs

-Breastfeeding compatible

-Good fit for moms who are plus but have a smaller waist

-Stretchy breathable fabric  

Purchase on Amazon HERE

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Meh Dai

The perfect combination of the wrap and buckle carrier, the meh dai comes with the seating of a buckle carrier while providing the long fabric to wrap around your body. As a plus size mom this great for when baby gets older so that you are able to comfortable support baby with the adjustable seat but having the fabric to customize your wearing experience.

Infantino Sash Mei Tai $29+

-Has three carrying styles: facing in, backpack, and hip hugger.

-Detachable hood for sun protection.

-Buckle free for a more customizable fit.

Purchase on Amazon HERE

Purchase at Target HERE

Ring Sling

Very similar to the wrap carrier but a less complicated fasten. The two rings at the end allow you to easily fasten your carrier for a bold hold. It also allows you to adjust it according to your body type. The biggest difference besides the rings is the ring sling fabric is not stretchy. It is usually made of more sturdy fabric such at cotton or linen.

Kids-n-Such Wrap and Ring Sling Carrier

- Gives you the wrap and ring sling in one carrier

-Made with a soft breathable cotton blend for comfort for you and baby

-Carry baby from 8-35lbs

-May also be used as a nursing cover

Purchase on Amazon HERE

Backpack Carrier

This style carrier, like the name suggest is mean t to only be worn as a back pack. Which means this is for babies who already can sit up unassisted with a good neck control. These carrier are meant to be worn for longer periods, such as theme parks, outdoor events, hiking, etc. The backpack carrier is also framed with thick shoulder straps for support and comfort.

LuvdBaby Backpack Carrier

-Great back support for prolonged use

-Comes with a removable back pack to store baby and person items

-Hood to protect from rain and sun

-Designed to keep baby safe and comfortable

Purchase on Amazon HERE

I’m so glad I am able to carry my baby when we are out and about. I almost feel really silly from shying away from it because of my size the first time around. Like I said baby wearing is for every mom and dad! My husband enjoys the extra bonding with baby as well.

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