5 Reasons the Poshlings Koobie Cover Should be a Must-Have on Your Baby Registry

Preparing for your new bundle of joy can be tons of fun and quite stressful at the same time. One of those fun moments is setting up your baby registry. When setting up your baby registry, you want to be sure to list all of the essentials your little ones will need and items you will love to have for your new baby. With both of my boys I forgot one essential, and now that I have it I completely regret not having it from day one. My Poshlings Koobie Cover! 

5 Reasons the Poshlings Koobie Cover Should be a Must-Have on Your Baby Registry #babyitems #babyregistry #babyregistryitems

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I seriously can not believe I did not have this cover from the beginning. The Koobie cover is an all in one baby accessory.


When I received my cover, I was instantly drawn to how soft the fabric was. Most covers I have seen have always been made from a stiff material, but the Koobie is soft and has a good stretch. The next thing that stood out was how cute the design was and the exceptional quality of the stitching.

5 Reasons Why You Need the Poshlings Koobie Cover  

1. Infant Car Seat  Cover  

As soon as I slipped this cover onto my baby’s car seat, I realized I was missing out. My baby is eight months now and about to transition into a convertible car seat soon, so our time using our Koobie to cover his car seat is going to be short, and I’m so sad about that.


The Koobie was so easy to put on. No snaps, zippers, clamps, or additional attachments just slip it on and go. It also has a smaller cut out at the top for easy carrying and for you to quickly peek in on baby whenever you need to. The material is lightweight which is perfect for warm weather and protecting your little one from the sun, yet durable enough to be used during the cooler fall weather as well with a blanket on your babies lap.


During a shopping trip as we walked back to our car, we were rained on, and at first, I was concerned that the Koobie would be soaking wet, but to my surprise, it stayed relatively dry, and my baby was 100% dry, so that was a plus. 

2. Nursing Cover  

Personally, I’m a whip it out anywhere anytime type of mom. However, I can totally see myself using this as a cover up while nursing. As a plus size mom, I was pleased to see it fit over baby and me comfortably.


The lightweight material makes it breathable so your little one and you do not become hot while nursing and provided just enough privacy for those times you do not wish to nurse in the open or if your not quite comfortable nursing in public. I would also recommend this cover for new moms because the stretch in the material helps you to hold your baby up a bit more supportive, so your arms do not become tired so easily holding your baby while they nurse.

3. Shopping Cart/High Chair  Cover

Poshlings was sweet enough to not only send us one Koobie but actually sent us two. As you all know MMC was created by two moms myself (Shanophia) and Yanna. Yanna’s little cutie is now 14 months and such a big boy. She enjoyed being able to take her little one out shopping and to lunch while having her Koobie to protect him from those germ-filled shopping carts and high chairs. 


“I wish I had this from the beginning, it’s super lightweight and less bulky compared to the cart cover I already have.”   -Yanna

Traditional cart/high chair covers are bulky which mean they take up extra space in your diaper bag or do not fit in your diaper bag at all. The Koobie can be folded up as small as you like to easily place in any diaper bag or even your purse to have handy while you are out and about. 

4. Easy to Clean

While at lunch Yanna’s little one got pizza sauce on the Koobie, I’m pleased to say it cleaned effortlessly with the help of the Dreft Stain Remover Spray. She just sprayed the stained area once she got home and tossed it in the washing machine with a load of her little one's laundry and BAM just like new!


No change in color or wear on the fabric. So it’s safe to say it is durable and excellent quality.

5.  Affordable 

Typically the price of purchasing a nursing cover, car seat cover, and high chair/ shopping cart cover in total would be somewhere around $75 and up. The Poshlings Koobie Cover is only $20. What a steal! As a frugal mom I love a good deal, and for such a multi-functioning item you just can’t beat the price. 

Where Can I purchase a Koobie Cover? 


The Koobie Cover and more can be purchased online through their website MyPoshlings.com. Make sure to add your Koobie to your must-haves list.

Baby Registry? Where Do I Start?

If you are not sure where to make your registry I highly suggest using Amazon Baby Registry. Who doesn’t shop Amazon these days I probably receive a package one a week from my late night online shopping adventures. The Amazon Baby registry offers an endless amount of items to choose from. The feature my family loved was the group gifting. Group gifting allows more than one person to add money to a total amount of a gift which is excellent for those big-ticket items like a crib or stroller. You also receive a free 90-day return guaranteed. If that isn’t enough Amazon also send a FREE gift box for mom and baby full of must-have goodies and samples.

Make shopping a breeze for your friends and family by creating your registry online today!

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