Keeping Your Baby Safe While Sleeping

I can admit that I am one of “those moms” who check their babies breathing 10x a day. He is almost two years old, and I STILL check his breathing from time to time. With both of my sons, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) scared the hell out of me. I never quite understood what it was I just knew certain things made it a more significant risk.

SIDS is the unexplained death of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year old. It usually happens when a baby is asleep. SIDS is sometimes known as "crib death" because the infants often die in their cribs.


Keeping Your Baby Safe While Sleeping

I can admit that I did a few things that I probably shouldn't have, one of them being improper co-sleeping with my baby. But I am happy to say that my boys were safe, and I am grateful for it every day. Knowing proper sleeping habits is a MUST for new moms lets begin with the safest places for a baby to sleep.

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The safest place for a baby to sleep is......

On his/her back. Always remember BIB-Back Is Best if you ever forget or have to tell a care provider.

A baby should always be in a crib on a firm mattress. There are plenty of safe co-sleeping options if you are like me and can't stand to have your baby away. Co-sleeping gadgets are also great for nursing moms! We all know the convenience of whipping it out and feeding on demand.

Your little one's crib or co-sleeping bed should be free of blankets, toys, BUMPERS, or sleeping wedges. All your little one needs is a tightly fitted sheet and comfortable clothes and or swaddle.

Speaking of comfortable clothes, your little one should dress accordingly. Please make sure your little one isn't over-bundled, which will cause them to overheat. Overheating can be fatal for newborns/infants. If your little one likes to be swaddled a simple onesie and socks should do. For the babies who are not a fan of swaddling, footie pajamas, or a sleep sack and a long sleeve onesie should do. Please dress your baby according to the temperature of your house.

Babies should ALWAYS be in a smoke-free environment. When you have little ones, it is essential to keep secondhand AND third-hand smoke away from them. You can enjoy your cigarette without it harming your baby. Be considerate of their delicacy and smoke far away from them. Also, please keep in mind that smoke lingers on clothing. (third-hand smoke) A change of clothes is needed after you smoke.

Use a pacifier when sleeping or napping. Pacifier use during naps or nighttime can prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Doctors aren't sure how it works, but if you give your baby a pacifier while she/he's asleep, you might lower her risk of SIDS by more than half. Satisfy the suck reflex. Babies have a natural need to suck. (source)


When you allow people to watch your little ones, it is essential that they are up to speed on current facts about sleep practices. It is much harder for the older generation to understand current sleep practices, but it is crucial that you educate them anyway. Sometimes talking to older people is like talking to a brick wall. Educating them on sleep safety is for your little one's safety.

1 in 5 SIDS deaths occurs while in the care of someone other than the parent(s)

The older generation will try to convince to the core that you, your siblings, and whoever turned out fine by their practices. However, babies that get placed on their stomachs can re-breathe carbon dioxide and or smother themselves. BIB, Back Is Best!

Check out my rant on family overstepping their boundaries.

When putting your baby back to sleep, it is essential to place them back into a safe sleep position. Your baby should be returned to their crib or co-sleeping substitute and on their back. Do not put your baby on their sides or stomach, or in the bed with you.

Swing, Bouncer and Carseat Sleep Safety

I can admit that I was the QUEEN of allowing my boy to fall asleep in his swing and bouncer. Some days it was the only way he would sleep for more than 2 hours. The day I found out that swings, bouncers, and car seats could be fatal for the little ones I cringed.

Car seats are designed to protect your child in the event of a vehicle accident. Swings and bouncers are a way to soothe your little ones to give you hands-free times to do the things you need to do. All of those baby chairs are not meant for sleeping options for your little ones. Prolonged periods of being in a car seat, bouncer or swing can lead to a compressed chest causing reduced oxygen levels and breathing problems while sleeping, which can be fatal for your little one.

When your little one falls asleep in any of those devices, it is important that you transport them to their crib or co-sleeping space. I know the thought of moving your already sleeping baby is cringing worthy, but for their safety, you must.

When traveling with your little ones, especially on road trips, it is hard to keep your baby up and alert. Most parents want their little ones to sleep during a road trip, which is fine, but you have to be safe about it.

Always keep your little ones buckled in their car seat during your travel. Be sure to check on your little ones every hour to ensure she/he are breathing correctly and are in the proper position. Remember that a compressed chest can reduce oxygen levels, so an adequate position is important. I highly suggest getting a mirror for your little ones during car rides. It is a cute and safe way to check on your little ones frequently to make sure they are doing fine. Mirrors are a great way to know when you need to stop to reposition the,

No one wants to believe that something as innocent as sleeping can be fatal, but it CAN. Making sure you are keeping your little ones safe during their slumber is very important. Keep these important tips in mind for your little one's safety.

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