Super Simple Toddler Bath Time Routine: Featuring Posh Peanuts

When it comes to bath time, I like to keep our routine reasonably simple. Toddlers are busy little humans and bath time is no exception. Having a simple routine that does not take a long time to complete helps make bath time easy for me and fun for him.

Super simple Toddler Bath Time Routine #bathroutine #toddler #baby #newborn #bathtime

When it comes to bathing a toddler, you will hear mixed opinions on how often to bathe them. Generally, pediatricians say to bathe toddlers every few days. For me, I bathe my little one every other day. He does not attend daycare and spends most of the week at home so taking a bath every day at this age is not particularly necessary. However, I will add in an extra bath if he gets really dirty from meals or we decide to spend most of the day out of the house. 

If your little one has a skin condition such as eczema, this will play a part in how often you bathe your child. Always consult your pediatrician if you notice your child’s skin is reacting negatively toward any products or you notice and rash like areas on the skin. 


I love a good bath towel. I’ve found that children’s towels are thin which causes them to get soaked very quickly. So I would always buy adult bath towels and use them for my kids. Recently I received this adorable towel from Posh Peanuts and was instantly pleased.

Super simple Toddler Bath Time Routine #bathroutine #toddler #baby #newborn #bathtime

The Posh Peanuts bath towel to my surprise was very absorbent. It is made with 100% bamboo terry cloth, which is soft and of excellent quality. The towel comes in three adorable designs, a unicorn, elephant, and a lion. I loved that the towel doesn’t instantly become soaked as I take my son out of his bath which allows me to be able to dry him off more effectively and he can remain warm and cozy until I dress him. Staying warm is essential since babies and toddlers can become cold quickly, so you want to make sure they are warm. The Posh Peanut towel also washes very well. It doesn’t get worn out in the wash and remains soft and in good condition. 

Bath Products  

Finding what bath time products to use for some will be a trial and error process. If your child has a skin condition, you want to make sure you are using soaps and locations that have minimal to zero fragrance and mild to gentle cleansing power. My little ones tend to have sensitive skin toward products with fragrance. I’m so happy that my favorite skin line Aquaphor now has a baby line of products.

Super simple Toddler Bath Time Routine #bathroutine #toddler #baby #newborn #bathtime

I swear by these products, the wash is super gentle on my little one's skin and the ointment is perfect for keeping him hydrated and clearing up any rashes or scratches he may put in his face. 


I was gifted an awesome transition bathtub at my baby shower.  The Summer Infant Newborn-to-Toddler Bath Center & Shower is a perfect tun from the very first bath until your little ones are older. The shower attachment is removable, so once my son outgrows his tub, we can still use it in the adult tub. 


Bath time can be fun. Even though you are teaching your baby the importance of good hygiene,  giving them a toy or two to play with will help keep them occupied and allow them to have fun in the water. 

Super Simple Toddler Bath Time Routine

Super simple Toddler Bath Time Routine #bathroutine #toddler #baby #newborn #bathtime

Before I got ready to give my little one a bath I make sure I take out everything I will need during and after his bath. By doing this, I never have to leave his side while I bathe him as it is dangerous to leave little ones unattended in water. Remember even a cup of water is enough for a baby to drown.  

Once everything is set out and ready, I begin to start his bath water. Remember that little ones are more sensitive to cold and heat so make sure the temperature of the water is warm and comfortable.

Next, I undress and place my baby in the bath and begin with his hair. Using the Aquaphor wash and warm water. I start from top to bottom when bathing my son because I like to start with the least dirty part of his body and work my way down. While I’m bathing him, I take small breaks to allow him to play with his toys and splash the water.

Super simple Toddler Bath Time Routine #bathroutine #toddler #baby #newborn #bathtime

After his bath is complete, I grab his Posh Peanuts bath towel and take him from the tub and head to the bedroom to begin applying his lotions and night clothes. In total it takes about 30 minutes from start to finish during our bath routine. By keeping it short and simple, my little one enjoys his bath time, and I can put him to bed so that I can begin my own night time routine. 

What's your routine for bathing your little one? What products do you love? Let me know in the comments!

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