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Toddler Developmental Milestones

As our little ones grow their life is marked by many milestones from the moment they are born until they are adults. As parents, we always want to make sure they are hitting their milestones and developing properly.

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FREE Educational Websites for Children

If your going to allow your kids screen time, why not make it worth the screening. When my oldest son was 4 years old I finally gave in to him getting his own tablet (since I was done sharing my iPad with him lol). Once he got his first tablet, as a parent I wanted to make sure that he was looking at things that were going to promote education and still be fun for him to enjoy.

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How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Wate

Drinking water is essential for everybody in our daily life. During the warmer months it is even more crucial that you and your little ones stay hydrated. Although many adults do not drink the recommended water intake a day, we will focus on the little ones for now!

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