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Cradle Cap: Infant Skin Conditions

Have you noticed any flaky or scaly patches on your babies scalp?  Alarming, right? No worries mama it’s not harmful, completely normal, and your not alone. Over 70% of infants experience these flaky patches and it is called cradle cap.

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How Long Does My Breastmilk Last?

Welcome to the wonderful journey of breastfeeding! Breastfeeding encourages bonding between you and your little one as well as provide tons of nutritional value for baby. If your reading this, chances are you have no idea or need clarity on what to do with your milk once you pump.

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It’s a..... Disappointment! Being disappointed about the sex of your new baby and learning it’s ok!

We all have a vision of what we think we want our future children to be. All girls or all boys.  Maybe just one girl and one boy.  Once you find out you're pregnant, you play around with the idea of both boy and girl, and at some point, your heart sets on what you think you would like. For me, with both pregnancies, I just knew I would have a little girl. Oh, the tons of pink I would buy…. not really, but you get the point! 

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