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Nursing Moms Guide to Flying While Breastfeeding

I’m what some may call a frequent flyer. I travel once a month for work by way of airplane. Since having my little one a few months ago I have begun to fly again. Like many moms I had so many questions. One in particular was. “Can I take my pumped milk on a plane?”

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The UGLY Side of Breastfeeding for the First Time

When I decided to breastfeed this time around, I was super excited because I knew that I was going to save a shit load of money.  While at the same time providing my son with liquid gold produced straight from my body.  That was a win-win situation in my mind. 

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How Long Does My Breastmilk Last?

Welcome to the wonderful journey of breastfeeding! Breastfeeding encourages bonding between you and your little one as well as provide tons of nutritional value for baby. If your reading this, chances are you have no idea or need clarity on what to do with your milk once you pump.

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