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How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Wate

Drinking water is essential for everybody in our daily life. During the warmer months it is even more crucial that you and your little ones stay hydrated. Although many adults do not drink the recommended water intake a day, we will focus on the little ones for now!

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It’s a..... Disappointment! Being disappointed about the sex of your new baby and learning it’s ok!

We all have a vision of what we think we want our future children to be. All girls or all boys.  Maybe just one girl and one boy.  Once you find out you're pregnant, you play around with the idea of both boy and girl, and at some point, your heart sets on what you think you would like. For me, with both pregnancies, I just knew I would have a little girl. Oh, the tons of pink I would buy…. not really, but you get the point! 

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