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Krystal Vallery of New Orleans, Louisiana, is a mompreneur, full time worker and mom of two beautiful children. She recently got engaged (yayyy! congrats girl #blacklove) so she has A LOT on her plate. Krystal is the creator and owner of Belle Beloved hair care and skin products. Belle Beloved started off as a DIY project that quickly grew into a business through the encouragements of her loved ones.

Belle Beloved started out as diy project for me and my daughter. She has thick, coarse spongy hair that sucks up EVERYTHING! After trying product after product for years I decided to try and make my own. So, I did some research read a couple blogs and went for it. My first product was my avocado deep conditioner. It’s made with avocado, banana, coconut milk, argan oil and water. Sounds like pretty simple ingredients right? First one was a complete fail, so we tried again changed up some measurements and bam we had a successful batch. Once I tried in both our heads I fell in LOVE. Then I started thinking to myself why not try a moisturizer. So again, went back to researching and started my trial and error phase with that.

A friend of Krystals suggested that she should share her products with the world. (Yay friend!) Initially, she was hesitant to the suggestion because she was already a full time mom and employer. How would she ever have time to run a business as well?

For some reason what she said I couldn’t let go of and to me that was a sign. I prayed on it, talked to my fiancé (who supports everything I dabble in) and started buying ingredients in bulk. Made a couple different scented scrubs and body butters passed them out at work and to family as samples and told everyone that I wanted honest feedback. I told them to be honest so that I know what I needed to tweak, and they did exactly that. Went back into the kitchen perfected somethings and handed out more samples. Not one negative response and at that moment I knew I could do it and got determined to start my business.

Belle Beloved is quickly expanding their products from deep conditioners, hair moisturizers to body butters. All of the products are freshly made to order and is chemical/cruelty free. If you are interested in using more natural products for you hair and skin or if you want to support a hard working mama check out Krystal Vallery at Belle Beloved.

I am confident in my products, I believe in my brand and I am watching my little baby constantly grow. Belle Beloved will be something great! I have so much more to come! Bath bombs will be dropping November 5, 2018!

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Instagram: @iambellebeloved

Facebook: Belle Beloved

Krystal with her Fiance, Son & Daughter.

Krystal with her Fiance, Son & Daughter.

MMC Q&A With Krystal

What’s the hardest part about being a Mompreneur?

K: For me the hardest part is finding balance between work, mom life and my business. There just isn’t enough hours in a day!

What made you decide to be a Mompreneur?

K: I decided to turn a craft into a business because I’ve always wanted to work for myself. Just never knew what I wanted to do or how I was going to make it happen. The older my kids get the more I feel like I need to be more accessible for them. Working Monday-Friday 8-5 doesn’t really give me the opportunity to be more involved with their school lives and I want to be a part of it all.  Another reason I chose to become a Mompreneur is because I want something I can hand down to my kids.

How do you find the balance between Mom’ing and Entrepreneurship?

K: I haven’t lol. My evenings and nights are literally all over the place all the time. Since I make my products in the kitchen I multi task. Helping with homework, cooking and making products all get done at one time.

What keeps you going everyday?

K: I know this may sound cliché, but my kids are what keeps me going. Yes, I do it for another source of income and because I like it. But my main reason is for them!

What makes your business unique?

K: Belle Beloved is unique because it’s not just a business. It’s a craft that me and my daughter do together. This is our mommy daughter time apart of our bonding. She enjoys it just as much as I do and she’s learning along the way.  

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