Porcha "Lexyy"- FEBRUARY 2019 MOMPRENEUR



Porcha “Lexyy” Smith is a mother of two, FT Telemetry Technician and mompreneur. She started her business Lexyy's Crocheted Creations due to her talent and passion for crocheting.

I have been crocheting since the age of 7. I did it for a short period then because as a child there were a lot more exciting things for me to do, or so I thought. Once I graduated high school and went on to college, I realized I often had a lot of spare time on my hands. One day I decided I wanted to pick up crocheting again to pass the time.

Lexyy taught herself how to stitch new patterns and how to make more complicated items. Her eight-year-old was her motivation to start her own business.

One day my eight-year-old saw me frustrated throwing away a hat I was trying to make, and he grabbed it out of the trash and said: "mom this is so cool can you make me Batman." That statement from my then five years old sparked something in me that pushed me to become better. I successfully made my son's Batman hat which he thought was so cool.

Other people saw her work that she had done for her son and wanted to place orders for their little ones. Excited that people thought her work was kind enough to buy she started selling more items and marketing herself on Facebook. Thus, Lexy's Crochet Creations was born.

I now specialize in character outfits/picture props for infants as well as my newest item, OVER THE KNEE SOCKS.

Her items are not just limited to those two; she can crochet a list of things customers bring to her. Lexyy claims that crocheting is a stress reliever, and a great way to get her creative juices flowing. Along with being able to make extra money on the side to provide for her family.

Connect With Lexyy!

IG: __theecrochetladyy

FB: Lexyy's Crocheted Creations 

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Lexyy and her Family.

Lexyy and her Family.


What’s the hardest part about being a Mompreneur

L: The hardest part about being a mompreneur is finding a balance between my actual job and doing my crochet. When I'm at home crocheting, I'm able to multi-task and spend time with my kids, but because I have a real job, I can't do as many orders as I would like.

What made you decide to be a Mompreneur? 

L: The decision was completely unintentional. I was doing it for fun because I liked being able to express my creativity, but the reactions I would get and everyone asking can I make them things pushed me to want to make it into a side business. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback and wanted to force myself to take everything a step further. 

How do you find the perfect balance between Mom’ing and Entrepreneurship?

L: Luckily crocheting doesn't require me to leave the house at all unless I'm getting supplies. I can pick up a project and stop and start it at my leisure which is a plus being a mom of 2. My daughter likes to copy me and my son wants to watch and offer encouragement and compliments.

What keeps you going every day? 

L; What keeps me going every day is knowing that what I'm doing is original and something that not a lot of people my age can do. The ideas are limitless, and there is always a use for your creativity

What makes your business unique?

L: My business is unique because like I stated before not everyone can do what I do, especially at my age. You usually see grandmother's crocheting and knitting. Not a woman in her 20's. Lol. I love being able to make people's visions come alive.






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