Waist Beads with Healing Crystals

Waist Beads with Healing Crystals


Our personalized waist beads are a delicate and unique accessory. Customize your design using a variety of our glass beads, healing crystals, and more. Each bead color and crystal has a special meaning and healing power to help create a more holistic way to balance out your energy.

Waist beads are worn for many reasons. Fertility, weight loss, healing, etc every bead carries a purpose and meaning. 

Why the waist? You may ask. Waist beads were made to be worn on the waist as a symbol of femininity and sensuality.

 With weight loss it is ideal because as you lose weight your beads slide down to your hips so it allows another way to visually see your progress. 

For fertility, love, and healing the waist of a woman is said to be the point of where her femininity begins so alining certain stones in the area is said to positively interact with your body chemistry to heal and improve. 

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Gold – Good health, power and wealth

Green – Abundance, fertility, nature and prosperity

Red – Confidence and vitality

Turquoise – Communication and self-awareness

White – Light, truth and purity

Yellow – Energy, joy and happiness

Black – Power and protection

Blue – Loyalty and truth

Orange – Courage, self-confidence and vitality

Pink – Care, beauty, love and kindness

Purple – Royalty, spirituality and wisdom

Brown – Earth and stability


Aquamarine- Peace, Communication, Empowerment

Amethyst- Protecting, Cleansing, Intuition

Citrine- Imagination, Clarity, Manifestation

Clear Quartz- Energy, Clarity, Creativity

Fluorite- Clarity, Focus, Order

Green Aventurine- Opportunity, Wealth, Optimism

Turquoise- Health, Protection, Wisdom

Howlite- Surrender, Letting Go Of Attachments 

Lapis Lazuli- Vision, Truth, Awareness

Mookaite- Awareness, Healing, Intuition

Rose Quartz- Love, Trust, Emotional Healing

Red Agate- Protection, Courage, Energy

Red Coral- Willpower, Harmony, Motivation

Yellow Tiger Eye- Focus, Protection, Will Power

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