Sensory Fun At Home with Everyday Educate Sitting Spots

Children with special needs can be very busy kids. They can be easily distracted and when it’s time to learn, distractions can be a bit of a problem.

“Can you please sit down!” Is something I find myself saying way more often then I’d like when it’s time to go over my sons workbooks, do activities, or read books. I also have a hard time finding activities that he finds fun but still educational for him. I was thrilled when I learned about the Everyday Educate Sitting Spots.

Place the sitting spots in the order you’d liked them on your carpet. The best part about these spots is the velcro that you can easily stick to your carpet and they won’t move during your activities and you don’t have to worry about messing up your carpet once you remove them.

Sensory Fun At Home with Everyday Educate Sitting Spots

Numbers and Math

Right now math is a summer goal we are working on for the new school year. I have incorporated the sitting spots to make a fun way to learn simple addition problems for my son.

For a simple math activity I place numbers on each spot I’ll then say pick one red and one blue and ask him to add the numbers. It is really simple but he enjoys it.

Sight Words and Reading

Sight words are essential when teaching your child to read. I love using the sitting spots to encourage my kids to learn new words. I’ll write out their sight words and place them on the spots. I’ll then call out the word(s) they need to find and if they need assistance I’ll call out the corresponding color.

Free Play & exercise

Remember the game Twister? My sister and I loved playing this game and had tons of fun when we were kids. Utilizing the sitting spots, you can recreate this childhood favorite.

Call out different colors paired with a body part such as the hands or feet. This activity will help children stretch, strengthen core, and use critical thinking skills to choose the best spots.

It is important to make learning fun. No one wants to be uninterested when learning a new skill. Having fun will help your child gain interest and keep their attention for s long period of time.

Toddler Play

Sitting spots do not have to just be for children with special needs or for older children. I love to use them for my toddler as well. I’ll place the spots on the floor and call out colors for him to crawl to or point too. He also has fun playing with his older brother as he does his activities as well.

I’m so glad Everyday Educate offers an array of item for sensory play. Finding items to help your child focus learn, and play, are essential when teaching and playing with children with special needs. I suggest ordering your sitting spots today and receive $2 off your order to join in on the fun.

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